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Christiane Michaelis

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The Dirty Easel



Austin, Texas - United States


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I am a synthesizer. I synthesize arts. And my life is synthesized by the arts. My career is like a puzzle that is held together by one big picture, one purpose: bringing art and creativity into people’s lives. Some of the labels of my professional puzzle pieces are: Musician. Theater director. Opera director. Teacher. Conductor. Mother. Business owner. In the first part of my career I brought art into people’s lives by giving them the chance to listen to music or watch a show. This is a more passive and receptive way to enjoy the arts. The second half of my working life has been devoted to teaching and coaching people actively doing art – theater, or music, or visual art. For me there is nothing more fulfilling and rewarding then witnessing a person discovering or developing their creative self. My business, The Dirty Easel, is based on that idea – giving people an environment to be creative in a fun and fearless way. The Philosophy of The Dirty Easel: I find painting to be an amazing medium because it allows you to be creative without needing experience, knowledge, or other presuppositions. Just like all kids love to play with color…just like cave men felt the need to draw on their walls… expressing one’s self through art is something genuinely human. So often we are afraid to do art because we believe we are not good at it. The Dirty Easel is a place where everybody creates their very own unique painting. Our customers describe our painting events as very relaxing, entertaining, energizing, stimulating, and a fun way to socialize. I love the smile on their faces when they say, “I did not know I could do this!”

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I help companies to develop cohesive teams that drive innovation by strengthening their creativity.

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coaching creativity