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A. W. (Bill) Kleinebecker

Senior Technology Management Consultant

Strategic Pathways



Austin, Texas - United States



I am a senior, experienced professional who can increase the value of a technology portfolio through identifying high value use cases, surveying the landscape for both companion and competitive technologies, and sizing the market for the portfolio.Technology needs to be managed by an organization just like other assets - such as personnel, money, customers, information, and funding. It has a growing impact on each of those assets in terms of acquisition of skills, business case options, acquisition of customers who are prepared for the change its introduction brings, development of new data platforms and services, and identifying funding sources that can truly appreciate the impact of that technology on the market and society.Technological innovation creates the greatest value compared to other technology states. It's in the stage from idea to product introduction in its first market to early standardization in the early markets that follow the first market where the technology's value builds the quickest based on its degree of innovation.I am a technology management specialist with specific skills in researching potential use cases, gathering technology insights, identifying early markets, forming partnerships, leading collaborative processes, enabling group intelligence, and forecasting the technology over an extended time frame.I would love to show you how managing technology is important to you and your organization.

I am good at

The right first market.