Austin, Texas - United States




Mr. Borge is a serial entrepreneur as he has successfully launched several businesses in different sectors. Just to name a few: Mr. Borge is the CEO of Texas Capital Real Estate, LLC., a real estate investing firm (www.texascre.com). He works with local investors to find deals or joins partnerships to achieve lucrative ROIs on invested money. He established thetechmap.com with a goal of keeping the tech community together. Now together with his wife, Veronika, he started a non-profit volleyball organization called EuroWay Sports were they helps youth & young adults of this community with professional athletic training and supply them with the opportunity to EXCEL in their chosen sport. He owns a car dealership called AutoMech Space which specializes in flipping cars just as in real estate business.

I am good at

Negotiating, connecting individuals

Skills and Expertise

Marketing CEO Startups Social Site Real Estate Investing