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Jam Risser

Senior Software Architect

Nueve Solutions



Austin, Texas - United States



Howdy, I am a software applications architect. I am extremely passionate about improving the software development lifecycle. My text editor of choice is the terminal version of Spacemacs, and my operating system of choice is Jam OS, a Linux distribution I built to increase my software development productivity. I have programmed over 150 open source projects. Most of these projects relate to the software development process in one way or another. You can view all of my code at github.com/codejamninja. I know JavaScript extremely thoroughly and have published over 50 npm modules. I can build NodeJS add-ons and interact with the NodeJS and v8 runtime from C/C++ land. I currently write all of my JavaScript in the ES6 standard. While there are many great choices for frontend JavaScript, I have chosen to focus on React. I have built several react modules, including React GTK, a react bridge that renders to native desktop. I also built Reaction, a react framework with a write once, render anywhere philosophy. I am comfortable with many additional programming languages, including Python, GoLang and C/++ and have published several python pip modules and several ruby gems.