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Kalyan Sakhamuri

Engineering Director

The Advisory Board Company



Austin, Texas - United States


Information Technology & Services


Results oriented software engineering manager with over thirteen (13) years of experience in successfully managing, building and delivering software products. Proven track record of working with Scrum, Lean and other Agile methodologies, pushing for continuous improvements ● 13+ years of managing and delivering on various critical products / projects ● Owned and managed the capital and operational budgets for the hosting and the engineering division in a $15M product ● Proven ability to manage upwards, downwards, across and specializes in developing leaders by mentoring ● Over 10 years of experience working, managing and leading effectively in a startup environment ● Experience of over 6 years dealing with virtual teams that are spread out across various continents ● Over 9 years of experience working with Scrum, Lean and other Agile methodologies ● Led and trained teams in using the Agile techniques and established processes with high predictability and a strong record of quality and on-time releases ● Strong expertise in designing and implementing the processes involved for smooth transition between subsequent phases in SDLC and did the same for various workflows ● Proven track record of managing teams of varying sizes and coordinating across all related disciplines of product development ● 13+ years of Healthcare IT industry experience with a strong comprehension and implementation of the various security and regulatory requirements and the interchange standards ● Excellent managerial, logical, analytical and communication skills ● A strong team player with a strong desire to continuously learn, excel and deliver ● A self-determined, self-motivated, well-disciplined, highly-industrious individual with an exceptional ability to learn and comprehend new concepts and ideas Specialties: Managing Software Engineering teams, Mentoring and developing leaders, Scrum, Lean & Other Agile development methodologies, SDLC & Establishing processes across disciplines of Software Engineering, Software design & development, EDI Interface (X12, NCPDP SCRIPT, Formularies), Service oriented applications

I am good at

Building Software Solutions, Fixing Agile Processes

Skills and Expertise

.Net .Net Core Functional Programming Elixir