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Bill Kleinebecker

Technology Management Consultant

Strategic Pathways



Austin, Texas - United States




Have worked in the area between science and the market to identify emerging opportunities for advanced research & technology. This process comes under various names such as: technology management, technology commercialization, business development, and strategic technology planning. Finding a high value path for a new technology to come into the market, one that mitigates risk, is what I strive to do. Other similar areas where this pathway exists that employ the same competency and hold the same attraction to me are: targeting areas of market needs for a geographic region to renew itself, future proofing technology acquisition, roadmapping and identifying new white spaces.

I am good at

I am a senior, experienced professional who can increase the value of a technology portfolio through identifying high value use cases, surveying the landscape for both companion and competitive technologies, and sizing the market for the portfolio.

Skills and Expertise

esearching potential use cases gathering technology insights leading collaborative processes enabling group intelligence and forecasting the technology over an extended time frame.