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Austin, Texas - United States




Because of my skill, experience and strengths, I can help companies build products faster, with high quality and with extraordinary customer satisfaction better than other engineering leaders in the industry. - Software startups for 20+ years, including 2 IPO's.- Experience with small pre-funded startups as well as later stage software companies.- Experience with SaaS companies, managing software development as well as data center teams and professional services.- Experience with enterprise software and embedded systems.- Work extremely well with other business stakeholders to make the engineering organization effective in realizing company goals.Specialties: - Agile/Scrum development methodology.- Scalable systems, high performance systems, Big Data.- Security and security protocols.- Relational databases and data warehouses.- Object oriented design.- Data center scalability and security.- Hiring A+ software developers and managing them effectively to produce superior results.

I am good at

Building software.

Skills and Expertise

Software development all aspects.