Why businesses fail @ the BSC Business Success Global Forum

Thursday, June 10, 2021 from 12:00PM to 1:00PM

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Why do businesses fail?

Get answers and share your own experiences at the BSC Business Success Global Forum, Noon Central on Thursday, June 10 (RSVP & details: https://bit.ly/BSCForum)

Special Guest Mentor: Page Heller, Hopes Creek Consulting, will lead the discussion on the top reasons why businesses fail sharing his research and experience working with hundreds of businesses nationwide. Mr. Heller assists businesses and inventors on the best way and time to use IP protections from a business point of view. He also is building a new cyber security business. 

Other Weekly Forum Discussions: How to improve your business management and development plus relevant customer experience strategy led each week by Forum mentors and those issues spontaneously introduced and led by attendees at this Forum. Attendee-led discussions are always lively.

*Forum: a public meeting place for open, friendly, and frank discussions where ideas and views on a particular subject or issue are exchanged by everyone. And, we really mean it! Walkaway with business insights, contacts, and connections while sharing your own ideas and expertise. The BSC Business Success Forum was selected by the Austin Business Journal for its Book of Lists as one of Austin's best business and networking groups. 

Coming up on Thursdays in June, noon-1PM Central https://bit.ly/BSCForum

If you can't attend, the Forums are recorded and include a transcript but are only available for a limited time. Contact us for the most current link.  Attendees receive this link automatically along with a list of emails of attendees and mentors for future contacts and connections.

June 17: The Customer's Buy-In™ Process with Jan Triplett, BSC Will your sales process help the buyer accomplish their own buy-in process?

June 24: Don't knock it until you know it better: MLM with Gene Chavez, The Pampered Chef. Multi-level Marketing has a place as an organizing approach for sales in  any business —even in a tech business. 


And this month’s free "Share the Wisdom" work session webinar:

Organizing Your Business, 10-11 AM Central, Friday, June 25, is a work session that looks at how to better organize an entrepreneurial, proprietor, or guild business for success. They are different — no matter what the legal form that is chosen (sole proprietorship, partner, any of the many kinds of corporations or employee owned businesses).

Work session leader: Jan Triplett, Ph.D., CBTAC, and CEO of BSC, author, entrepreneur, advocate, and inventor



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